composer | organist

Contact information:
Joseph Kern
Colonial Church (UCC)
7039 Mission Rd.
Prairie Village KS, 66208
Rental and Purchase:
Rental fees:
All pieces are available for rental.
Rental fees are determined based on the specific piece and length of time the parts and scores will be out for rent.
Purchase prices:
Purchase of pieces includes score(s) and any and all parts
Pieces available for purchase through composer:
Pieces available for purchase through other publishers:
Commission fees:
(base of 1 minute of music – all pieces rounded to nearest minute for pricing: ex. 1:29 down to 1:00 and 1:30 up to 2:00)
Solo - $20.00
Duo - $40.00
Small Chamber - $60.00 (three to five players)
Large Chamber - $100.00 (six to eleven players)
Chamber Orchestra - $160.00 (twelve to twenty-two players)
Small Orchestra - $260.00 (2,2,2,2-2,2-1-strings (or just under) up to Large Orchestra)
Large Orchestra - $420.00 (3,2,3,3-4,3,3,1-4-strings (or just under) and up)